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In today's competitive job market, and with Michigan's very lean employment opportunities, it is not a bad idea to tap into all the help that is available when searching for work. There are many career counseling services, as well as occupational coaches and consultants in the Detroit area to encourage job seekers in these troubled times.

Coaches, recruiters, career counselors and the like are experts in the field of determining your marketable skills and talents and guiding you toward the direction that could be best for you. Many are networked with individuals, small businesses and corporations that are looking for just the right candidate to fill an open position. One of the benefits of working with an employment service is the fact that they are aware of unpublicized positions that are available within very reputable companies. There is a high ratio of companies that do not advertize open positions in the local or metro Detroit papers because they realize the influx of responses they will no doubt incur. Rather, they network with one or more recruiting and career placement agencies to make their position available to those who know how to find appropriate candidates.

Another feature some of these career networkers offer is a resume writing service. Sure, anyone can put together a resume depicting past jobs and accomplishments, but for a fee, which is almost always worth the price, an expert resume writer can create a resume that actually LANDS an interview. The rest, of course, is up to the interviewee, the job candidate. One who is skilled in resume preparation and the subsequent cover letter has the ability to turn what you know, the experiences you've enjoyed, and the skills and education that you've acquired into a one to two page masterpiece. Again, it is well worth the price, which can be relatively hefty.

Careers are not what they once were - lifelong commitments to one company with a reward of a pension that lasted till death. Statistics now show that the average person changes jobs/careers about 12 times. For this reason many mid-lifers who are looking for employment due to downsizing in Michigan's tough climate are finding themselves searching for a job that is more "fulfilling". Many are re-thinking what a career should look like and are hiring career consultants or life coaches to help them determine what their "niche" is after all.

Next time you're in the market for a new job, find a great career service or resume writer and begin a step ahead of the rest.

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