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MGM Restoration, Inc. - Full Service Construction Company specializing in fire and water damage restoration located in Troy, Michigan and serving the Detroit Metro area.

After the Crisis

Life often throws curve balls; those unexpected, usually catastrophic occurrences that send the world as we've known it into orbit. Though we are not to dwell on what ifs and negative possibilities, we do need to make some preparations for those times when things don't end up as planned. This is exactly why we pay insurance premiums and keep important (crisis) phone numbers sticking magnetically to our refrigerators both at home and on the job.

It helps to know that there are companies in Michigan, albeit not many, that exist for the sole purpose of cleaning up after tragedies occur. In the aftermath of tornados, fires, wind and hailstorms, electrical storms and more, there are companies that take care of the mess and restore the scene to near its original state. Smoke damage in particular is very difficult to completely remove and many times the buildings and items therein that have been infested by smoke must be eliminated. In the past almost anything that was touched by the smoke of a building fire had to be discarded. However, with todays up-to-date products and techniques, the effects of a lot of smoke and soot damage can be removed safely and thoroughly, leaving virtually no trace.

The results of flooding can be devastating also, as water damage is difficult to amend. With innovative extraction devices and drying vacuums, however, it is amazing what can be done to dry up water damage and remove the residual moisture that can cause mold and mildew. The debris that is strewn around from floods leaves a mess as well, and there are services available in southeast Michigan that take care of all of the waste removal.

In most of the above kinds of cases an insurance company will be called and a claim made for the damage. They then hire their select contracted companies in the Detroit area to come in and do the restoration work that is needed to return the site to its near original condition. Most insurance companies handle this in a timely manner and have expert restoration contractors to do the job well and within a specified time frame. The entire situation is handled in such a way so as to allow the home or building owner to return to "normal" as quickly as is feasible.

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