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Growing on the Inside

In our extremely fast paced society with life whizzing by us at an alarming rate, we often get so caught up in the day to day grind that we fail to give ourselves the time and rest we need to regroup. In fact, most of us in the Detroit area are not even taking a day off; we’re moving at record pace Monday through Sunday, Monday through Sunday and usually deep into the evenings. In the larger picture, that is, in the great, big scheme of things, it really does behoove us to take a “Sabbath” day, in English that translates simply, “rest”.

Now a day of rest is not meant for religious people only, per its connotation. Rather, it is part of the ebb and flow of the universal laws of nature. The reality stands that when we keep on going without refueling, we burn out. The refueling process should be done systematically and often, and because of our society’s pace, it will probably have to be consciously scheduled. For many this means a weekly visit to a local church. There are churches on virtually every corner in southeast Michigan, and if you haven’t been to one in a while…or ever…a Sunday morning visit with your family may surprise you. Many churches, even some of the more conservative denominations, are changing up the flavor so to speak, and finding ways to appeal to a more casual crowd. Lots of new churches out there are not the formal, liturgical, boring, dark and gloomy places we once endured. The times they are a-changin’; the tempo is swift, the world is more casual, and the folks want relevance.

What to do during this resting time if church is not your thing? How about something you genuinely enjoy? Reading a good book, settling in with an old movie, taking your kids to the zoo, packing a picnic lunch and heading to a nearby park, or just sitting quietly and reflecting might work. For some it could be an early morning hour at a coffee shop, silently unwinding before a busy week or tuning the world out with some soothing music piping through the headphones. The list goes on; it is as unique as every individual taste.

Growing on the inside requires reflection and contemplation. It requires a desire to be better. There are many good books in Detroit area stores that can help the thinking process. Goal setting is vital; and something we don’t think twice about on a professional level. But it is vital for personal growth as well, and we probably will not “find” time for it. Rather, we’ll have to “make” time, by giving ourselves a systematic break from the action.

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