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The creativity and originality in jewelry these days is mind boggling. From jewelry stores to Detroit’s art fairs, there are jewelry choices to please every personality on the face of the earth. The incredible talent of designing jewelry is one that most of us do not possess, and to look at these skillfully finished, glistening pieces is awe-inspiring.

From wedding and engagement rings to birthstones to lab-created gemstones to the simple beauty of platinum and gold, there is a wide variety of jewels available at suburban Detroit shops and online. When shopping from the convenience of home, you can plug in just the piece you are looking for; say, earrings, and you’ll find more selection than you’ll have time to look at.

For those who prefer to see these beauties in person, there is an assortment of jewelry retailers throughout Michigan. Depending on the quality and price you are after, you’ll be able to find one-of-a-kind trinkets, charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more anywhere from department stores to independent jewelers in cities across southeast Michigan.

If you are not able to locate exactly the piece you have in mind, any number of jewelers within the Detroit area can create it. Simply find a jeweler whose work you admire and begin to describe what it is you are imagining. Without a doubt he or she will be able to bring it all together for you within a few short weeks. Keep in mind that the more explicit you are in your description, the more apt you are to get the perfect piece.

When was the last time you treated yourself or that special someone to something downright extravagant? Perhaps it is this birthday or this holiday season that you’re planning to give your loved one that extra-special gift that has waited for just the right time. Perhaps this is the year of your monumental anniversary, when nothing better will do than a uniquely lavish necklace with her favorite gemstone.

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